Development Update: Ecosystem

Anura DAO
3 min readJan 13, 2022


The Anura DAO community has recently passed AIP-4, outlining current and future plans for the project. We believe that a true DAO does not need to hide their development agenda, transparency should be expected. We are here to leave our mark on DeFi and leave a legacy for future protocols.

See you in the pond. Stay Froggy.

Q1 2022

Ribbit Token

Ribbit Token (RIBT) will be the base token of our ecosystem. The following items are representative of the way the token will be utilized:

  • Contributor rewards and bounty payouts
  • Holders will be eligible to receive emissions, disbursements, and future airdrops
  • Protocols affiliated with Anura DAO will incentivize utilization of RIBT
  • Anura DAO treasury will hold RIBT in reserve
  • A tipping bot will be implemented on our Discord server to allow members to tip each other in RIBT


Initial Supply: 200,000,000 RIBT
Target Launch Price: ~ $0.0167 USD/RIBT

  • Presale Allocation: 60,000,000 RIBT (30%)
  • Community Wallet: 35,400,000 RIBT (17.7%)
  • LP Allocation: 40,000,000 RIBT (20%)
  • Development Team: 10%
  • Multi-Sig Contributor Reward: 2.3%
    Two-week vesting period applied to rewards
    Reward value is determined by the price of AVAX at time of presale; additional RIBT may be pulled from the remaining supply to meet reward requirements
  • Staking Emissions: 20%

All remaining RIBT will be allocated to treasury.


The whitelist for RIBT will be open to a maximum of 500 members with a purchase limit of 15 AVAX per individual. Whitelist qualification will be objective and determined by the brigadier of the Community brigade. All information regarding whitelist qualification will be made publicly available to ensure a fair and transparent process.

Whitelisted community members will be able to purchase RIBT token at initial pre-sale token valuation.

Secondary Presale: Reverse Dutch Auction

The RIBT presale event will last a total of five days. Investors without whitelist status will be subject to a 5% increase in valuation for each day of the pre-sale event that passes.

Projected Dates

Whitelist Qualification: January — February 2022
Presale/Token Launch: April 24th, 2022

Q2 2022 — Onward

The Anura Ecosystem

The purpose of our ecosystem is to create a web of decentralized applications that benefit from each other’s services; each dAPP utilizes RIBT in their protocol. The ecosystem consists of four primary items:

  • Ribbit (RIBT)
  • Anura DAO Vault
  • Governance Token
  • Decentralized applications

Ribbit (RIBT)

Holding RIBT is essentially holding equity in Anura DAO. Holders will be given access to future Anura DAO project whitelists, as well as any potential disbursement rewards. Members with RIBT holdings will also be able to stake their token with the emissions contract to increase their individual market share. We plan to integrate RIBT into our future projects, giving the token much more utility.

Anura DAO Vault

The Anura DAO Vault will obtain revenue from Anura Protocol operations and from its RIBT holdings. The Anura DAO Vault will be responsible for funding the following items:

  • Anura-sanctioned protocols
  • Disbursements
  • Other DAO-approved expenditures

Any expenditure from the Anura DAO Vault must first be approved by the governance system.


Protocols within the Anura ecosystem will provide our community token (RIBT) with utility. Protocols will offer useful services to participants and provide a stream of income for the Anura DAO Vault. These protocols may have a negligent transaction tax built into interactions with the smart contracts; these interaction fees will be sent to the Anura DAO Vault.

Final Thoughts

We are building a project that will produce trusted, stable protocols and help individuals become more confident investors. Where will you be when we send a shockwave throughout the DeFi space?