Introducing $RIBT

Anura DAO is ushering in the new year with a whitelist for our community token: Ribbit ($RIBT). This token is at the core of every forthcoming protocol set to launch within our ecosystem.

The pond is about to get much bigger, much faster. If a frog wore socks, we’d be knocking them off.

What Does This Mean?

Being whitelisted gives you the opportunity to take part in our community presale event ahead of the public launch. Our whitelist is limited to 500 frogs and it’s filling up quickly!

The presale event and public offering are both quickly approaching, join the community and get active to secure your spot in the pond!

Whitelist Qualification

To speak with our team or for more information about the $RIBT whitelist and presale event, please visit our Discord server:

Final Thoughts

We are thrilled with the overwhelming community response and for the countless hours of work that our team continues to put into Anura DAO. The frogs have spoken; our project is building an ecosystem that is going to change decentralized finance. It’s inevitable. It’s evolution.

See you in the pond. Stay froggy.

For more information, visit our website here.




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