Anura Presents: The Roast of…

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2 min readMay 2, 2022


The latest Anura NFT collection is quickly approaching. With critical Anura protocols set to release later this month, we have prepared a fun gamified NFT collection for the Avalanche community — Roasted Chicknz.

What are Roasted Chicknz?

Roasted Chicknz is a FREE NFT mint with top-shelf artwork and gamified mechanics. Combining any Roasted Chicknz NFT with one of our four NFT Sauces will emit YUM tokens to the holder. $YUM will have every tokenomics feature that you love (or hate).

How to play:

We will be releasing more details on how everything works later this week. Stay tuned, we will announce an update to this article in our Discord and on our social media pages.

Why does this project exist?

Because we like to party, but also in the spirit of Web3 education, this project highlights the differences between ERC-721 (non-fungible tokens) and ERC-1155 tokens (semi-fungible tokens). The 500 Roasted Chicknz will be minted as traditional ERC-721 (NFTs), but the sauces will be minted in four different categories, 250 per category.

The war rages on…

As the Avalanche community remains split in the continued battle between frogs and chickens, the conflict has seemingly no end. Anura continues to be committed to the prosperity of the frogs, we will keep our watchful eye and deploy memes until the day is won.

Keep calm. Stay froggy!

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