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4 min readApr 18, 2022


Developing stable and secure utilities for a better Web3.

Anura is a governance-first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) started on the Avalanche blockchain. A governance-first organization gives decision-making power to the people, allowing the community to vote on the direction of the protocol as a whole. Find all of the details about our governance-first model here or visit our Discord channel for more information.

We are focused on providing utility and opportunities for stable and consistent yield return for those who participate in our protocol. With a doxed development team and years of collective experience in traditional finance, decentralized finance, and the greater field of technology; we are primed for rapid development and long-term protocol growth.

Our development team has been hard at work to bring welcomed, long-sought-after innovation and stability to the DeFi space. It’s long past time to deal with rampant manipulation and projects that only benefit the ground-floor. We are looking to change the game by bringing some common-sense investment principles into decentralized finance. With a wealth of protocol utility and a focus on stable and consistent return on investment, Anura will become a sure footing for the future of decentralized projects.

Take a look at what is already available on our protocol and what will be available soon, as we prepare for the launch of our token.


The $RIBT token is a fundamental component of our ecosystem that has been well-tested and refined by our world-class development team. The token is tied into our protocol-driven applications and acts a common currency for both primary development and Anura-incubated projects. $RIBT can be staked in the protocol, earning additional rewards over time. With an active development cycle and more protocol-driven apps to come, $RIBT is a token that investors will want to keep in their crypto portfolio for the long haul.

The $RIBT pre-sale goes live on April 24th. Become a member of our community Discord for more information on pre-sale eligibility and other important project information.


Some decentralized financial projects can incur higher risk than some investors may be comfortable with, that is why we are building a platform to allow crypto investors to grow healthy, stable investments over time. We’re offering investment stability closer to a traditional high-yield fund, with return percentages still outpacing offerings in the traditional financial sector by a healthy margin.

Our StableFrog protocol allows for exceptional yield farming for the investor that is looking for a safer, consistent return over time. The protocol has a 1:1 stablecoin backing and auto-compounding with variable yield percentages to afford better overall ROI consistency and long-term platform performance and stability. This is the future of long-term investments.

Anura Bridge

Utility and accessibility are essential for any decentralized platform. We have developed our own multi-chain bridge to allow investors to access our resources on a variety of blockchain networks.

Anura Messaging

There was a time when a private conversation was just that; private. As technology continues to evolve, privacy and security are becoming more important than ever, and yet the safety and security of personal data is still elusive to the end-user.

With the introduction of our on-chain messaging application, we are providing the user with end-to-end encryption and anonymity. Using any crypto wallet with our messaging application gives any user the perfect lock and key for safe and secure conversations.

Anura Messaging is live and available for use. Check it out here.

Community NFT

The Anura development and design teams have come together to launch our first NFT as a limited run for community members. Future developments to the protocol will see the introduction of NFT utility, making them much more than just wonderful pieces of digital artwork for your viewing pleasure.

Stay tuned for more information.

Under Development

We have a number of products still under development with future releases to be announced. These include our continued development of Synthetics and Derivatives protocol-driven applications, fractional Metaverse investment funds, an NFT ladder liquidity protocol and more.

We are excited to bring innovation and stability to the world of decentralized finance. Visit our website, join the community on Discord, and follow us on Twitter for the latest development updates and new protocol information.