Anura DAO: The Next Big Leap

Anura DAO
3 min readDec 23, 2021


Anura DAO is a community-focused organization with an ambitious vision of bringing decentralized finance to everyone. We are building a platform to provide the information and means to be successful in the next generation of investments.

Building knowledge in small steps, to become the next big leap for DeFi.

Feeling Froggy?

Welcome to the Pond

Did you know that scientists have determined that the frog is one of the longest-living creatures in existence?

Long before the dinosaurs roamed this planet, the frog had already been thriving and unlike the former, they continue to do so.

We are the frogs. The early adopters of DeFi and those with information to share; those with knowledge to help grow the new tadpoles in this space.

We want to help others achieve financial freedom using the innovations afforded to us in Web3, cryptocurrency and DeFi apps. All are welcome and all things are possible. Become a frog, there are plenty of flies to go around!

The DeFi space is vast and filled with amazing opportunities. It is important to remember an important principle:

More Frogs = More Fun.

A solid community is an invaluable asset to have on the road to success. There is strength in numbers.

Community-Built, Community-Owned

In-House Development and Deployment

Anura DAO is a natural evolution born from the challenging work and dedication of our exceedingly-talented community. Built by the frogs, for the frogs. Participants of the project are encouraged to share their abilities to help grow the DAO in new and unique ways.

We are 100% community-owned and our core development team does not hold a majority in governance.


Community-Driven Evolution at Its Finest

Anura DAO has no centralized governance. All members that participate in a way that benefits the community will be rewarded with governance tokens.

Governance tokens have no intrinsic value and are distributed to the recipient via airdrop.

All major decisions in front of the DAO will be voted on by its members and future endeavors may be brought up for a vote by any governance-bearing community member.

We are looking to create a consistent and fair framework that can be used to drive us forward while ensuring we foster a community that is engaged and invested in its own success.

Governance cannot be purchased. It is earned.


Lords of the Flies

The community is separated into Brigades — a smaller subset of frogs. Each brigade will have a community leader that is elected by members of the group.

  • Development Brigade: Responsible for software development and deployment on the platform.
  • Marketing & Design Brigade: Responsible for graphics production and the DAO’s outward image.
  • Proposal & Policy Brigade: Responsible for drafting and managing project policies and implementing community-elected changes to the project.
  • Community Brigade: Responsible for community engagement and growing social platform presence.


All for One, One for All

Anura DAO accepts contributions from all participants of the platform.

  • Contributions to the DAO are stored in a multi-sig wallet
  • All transactions made from the Anura DAO wallet require 3/5 majority to approve
  • Signers of the wallet have been selected by Anura participants through a community voting process

DeFi Education

Building People Who Will Shape the Space

We strongly believe that understanding key DeFi principles is the first step to attaining financial freedom.

Our first major initiative as an organization is to launch several decentralized training initiatives and develop reliable and curated information repositories.

We are also planning to launch a series of gamified educational experiences in the future — rewarding those who take steps to become a more informed participant in DeFi.

Final Thoughts

Anura DAO: The Next Big Leap

We are excited to grow our community and share our vision with everyone. We look forward to helping others become financially independent through the power of decentralized finance.

For more information, visit our website here.